Longterm Education

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To be admitted to the longterm education program you must first have stayed for a one-month-trial. After that month you will be evaluated and a mutual decision will be reached regarding the continuation of your education

We offer longterm education programs, starting from 4 months up to 3 years of full-time education.
We are devoted to offering high-level education in martial arts, but YOU should know WHY you want to come here.

You can broaden your target with a longterm education program that allows you to go in depth, step-by-step, with a more personally tailored program of study.

If martial arts is what you love, you can come to our academy to dedicate yourself full-time to training and enhancing your skills.

Be prepared mentally and physically. Be prepared to meet your demons. Be prepared for the grind.

Levels and Grading

The wdp system has 4 Levels:

-Beginner – because the journey begins here.

The requirement to apply to be graded is a minimum stay of 6 months (ca. 1000 hours of intensive training in theory and practice). Grading will be at wdp China Headquarters or another certified training center.

If you are interested in an instructorship click here.