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wdp Mind, Beginners Mind.

Regardless of whether you are an advanced instructor or a novice, we all begin at the same place. The training is not divided by the level of ability or experience; everyone trains together! If you come here you must be able to leave your EGO behind and exercise humility.

In our academy there are four branches:

Pure Movement - No Fighting

Starting with fundamental Qi Gong practices and advancing into 8 dimensional body motion, forms and their applications

Self Defence & Internal MMA - our approach to fighting

Combat Sports (MMA, K1): Pad & bag work, partner drills for proper technique, controlled sparring, fight preparation.

Self defence: Bare-knuckle, No rules, straight defence.

Push Hands No Limit is part of this training.


These are the three words that describe our training in the simplest manner. From its very beginnings in Germany 2006 up to now with the wdp Headquarters on Hainan Island, China, never was anything more important than cultivating the most profound efficient training practices for our martial family. If you are looking for hard training and brotherhood this is the right place for you.

All training at our Academy is under the supervision of well-experienced coaches.

The Chief Instructor Ismet Himmet will not always be present or giving one-on-one instruction, although he will supervise the on-going progress of the student.


Current training schedule -CLASSIC-

10:00-12:00 TAIJIQUAN – Standing Meditation – Walking Meditation – Tao Lu & Apps
16:00-18:00 LIANG YI QUAN – Animal Body – Cosmic Energy – Tao Lu & Apps
19:00-21:00 Push Hands No Limit or Tao Lu

The nature of the training requires time to internalize the teachings. We provide the training conditions and environment but YOU need to provide your own self discipline, intention and motivation to train. None of the instructors can do this for you.

The training will take place on the beautiful island of HAINAN off the southern coast of China, with an ideal tropical climate for training in winter (+20°C) and summer. The training includes lodging in clean standard shared / double / or single rooms with air-conditioning, western bathrooms and three meals a day.


Gongfu is bitter:


One example of private teaching:



Training impressions from GUN – STAFF Training:


Ismet Himmets view on Teaching & Evolving: