Propose a Seminar

Are wdp seminars always to far away from your area? Why not organize one by yourself? Here is what you need to know, to host a seminar:


It is important to have a training environment in which every attendee has the chance to concentrate totally on the teachings. Therefore an indoor training hall is required. The size of the location has to be adjusted according to the number of participants.


During the time of the seminar and the arrival and departure days the host should provide a simple accomodation for the invited WDP instructor/s. Accomodation expenses also include three meals a day.

Travel expenses

The host should cover all arrival and departure costs, including flight and train tickets and possible other travel expenses.

Seminar fees

  1.  School/Instructor Share-Model: The inviting school and the invited instructor share the total seminar income 30%-70%, with the invited instructors receiving 70% of the share. Minimum number of attendants is 10, max 40. The seminar fee for the participants should be 200 EUR per Person.
  2.  All-in-rate-model: The instructor fee for one seminar weekend (two days, max 6 hours per day) is 2000 EUR, regardless of the total income of the seminar. Minimum number of attendants is 10, max 40.


Propose a Seminar